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•  Mission and Philosophy

Our mission statement:

The Economic Analysis Division's core mission is to coordinate, develop, and disseminate economic & demographic research and information. Central to the Division's mission is the application of economic theory using mathematical and statistical tools. Division competencies include the following:

  • Managing the Decennial Census of Population database
  • Maintaining the REMI and minerals model
  • Forecasting the behavior of economic variables used in state revenue projections
  • Generating the State's biannual cost of living index
  • Providing quality customer service to clients via published reports, presentations, and customized information responses
  • Providing policy and economic analysis to state agencies.

Our vision is to further enhance the Division's website and to continually add more content while preserving the user-friendly interface. Our goal is to become the State's premier website for economic and demographic data and analysis. In addition to providing analysis to other agencies, we will also advise agencies on capital budgeting techniques and strategic planning issues.

Our philosophy:

The Economic Analysis Division's philosophy is to provide our customers with quality and timely research, data, and analysis.

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