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Wyoming Sales, Use, and Lodging Tax Revenue Report

The 2023 edition of the Wyoming Sales, Use and Lodging Tax Revenue Report is a compendium of detailed excise tax information. This publication contains sales and use tax collection information by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) for Wyoming and counties. In addition, sales tax collections for the retail sector, which are itemized by sub-sector component, and for the accommodation and food services sector are provided. Also included in this report are yearly lodging tax collections by county.

This report spans the activity for fiscal years 2021-2023 for sales, use, and lodging tax collections. (The Wyoming State Government fiscal year extends from July 1 through June 30.)

The data were provided by the Wyoming Department of Revenue, and were compiled for publication by Economic Analysis Division, Department of Administration and Information, 2800 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82002-0060.

To view files in the PDF format you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (TM). Download the free software here.

Wyoming Sales, Use, and Lodging Tax Revenue Report: FY 2023 • (Press Release)

Download Excel Spreadsheets with the Sales, Use, and Lodging Tax Report Data (XLSX):

Comparison of FY 2024 Monthly and Year-To-Date Sales, Use, and Lodging Tax Collections (pdf)

You may access Tax Distribution Reports at Wyoming Department of Revenue Website to obtain detailed monthly data by county and by industry.

Historical Sales, Use, and Lodging Tax Collection Reports (pdf):

Growth Rates and Elasticities for Sales & Use Tax Collections vs Personal Income: (PDF)

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