Other CD-ROMs from Bureau of Census and Bureau of Economic Analysis

1. Statistical Abstract of the United States 1998:

Content -- It is the Nation's best known and most popular single source of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the country. The disc contains over 1,400 tables from 250 different governmental, private, and international organizations.

Geographic Coverage -- International, United States, states, and large cities.

2. USA Counties 1998:

Content -- It contains 3,475 data items in 63 dBASE files with extending time series. It provides information on population, vital statistics, education, labor force, income and poverty, agriculture, major industry sectors, crime, health, social programs, and Federal funds and grants.

Geographic Coverage -- United States, states, and counties.

3. Regional Economic Information System (REIS) 1969-1997:

Content -- It contains the official annual estimates of total personal income and per capita personal income, earnings by industry (2 digit Standard Industrial Classification System), full and part time employment by industry (1 digit SIC).

Geographic Coverage -- United States, states, and counties.

4. Gross State Product by Industry 1977-1997:

Content -- It contains the official annual estimates of gross state product by industry (2 digit SIC), compensation of employees, indirect business taxes, and property-type income.

Geographic Coverage -- United States, Regions, and states

5. County Business Patterns 1997:

Content -- It presents mid-March employment, annual payroll, number of establishments (total and by employment size). Data are tabulated by detailed industry as defined in the SIC manual.

Geographic Coverage -- United States, states, and counties.

6. ZIP Code Business Patterns 1996:

Content -- It contains the same information as CBP 1997.

Geographic Coverage -- United States, states, and 5-digit ZIP area within state.

7. 1997 Census of Agriculture (Disk 1A & 1B):

Content -- It provides data on number of farms, land in farms, land use, irrigation, crops, livestock, value of farm products sold, production expenses, and operator characteristics.

Geographic Coverage -- United States, states, and counties.

8. TIGER/Line 1998 (Disk 6 -- AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, UT, WY):

Content -- The TIGER/Line files were created from the Census Bureau's TIGER (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) database of selected geographic and cartographic information. TIGER was developed at the Census Bureau to support the mapping and related geographic activities required by the decennial and economic censuses and sample survey programs. This CD-ROM does not contain software to display or generate maps, nor is the data on this CD-ROM in the form of a map image. To create maps with the data on this CD, you would typically use a Geographic Information System package or other mapping software.

Geographic Coverage -- states, counties, cities and towns, census geographic areas, school districts, voting districts, ZIP Code areas.

The TIGER/Line files contain data describing three major types of features:

9. 1992 Economic Census (Disc 1j):

Content -- It covers 8 industrial sectors of the economy for entire nation, i.e. retail trade, wholesale trade, services, TCPU, FIRE, manufactures, minerals, and construction. Data include the number of establishment, number of employees, payroll, and measures of output such as sales, receipts, value of shipments, and value of construction work done.

Geographic Coverage -- United States, states, counties, cities with 2,500 or more persons.

10. 1992 Economic Census (Disc 2B):

Content -- It contains the same information as Disk 1j, but only for certain sectors.

Geographic Coverage -- 5-digit ZIP Code areas within the state.

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